Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Three steps back

That's how life with dementia goes: one step forward, three steps back. I'm sitting in G's hospital room, glad he's getting the medical care he needs, wondering what will be next.

For dementia patients, a UTI can throw a monkey wrench into the machinery, causing significant loss of cognition and other unlikely symptoms. And most times, that is the only signal given: the more common pain and discomfort that signals the rest of us that a UTI might be developing just doesn't signal the dementia patient.

In G's case, the signs that something was wrong included difficulty (more than usual) in walking and very slow response to my questions and suggestions.

Thank God for 911 and wonderful paramedics. Once here at the hospital, all the usual testing was done, and luckily the only thing found was the UTI. But G is still weak and not as verbal as he normally is. Better than yesterday morning when he was brought to the ER and then admitted to the hospital, but whether he will be well enough to go home tomorrow or not is still a question mark. A rehab facility is a possibility if he hasn't gained enough strength to go home.

I'm praying for a big recovery. G did a 4 week stretch in rehab last year, after some kind of very bad viral infection knocked him for a cognitive and physical loop, and it was a difficult time.

I'd love for him to be able to avoid a repeat of that.

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