Monday, August 25, 2008

Liberty Garden

It was an absolutely beautiful day Sunday - low humidity, not too hot. A good time to show you how the Liberty Garden is faring.

Guided by Angie (but she is not responsible for my casual attitude to this project!), I planted a vegetable garden for the first time this year.

She was right - the Rainbow Swiss Chard is very reliable.

And the tomatoes are doing well - but I haven't picked one yet. I think it's about time.

And a bell pepper! Isn't that amazing! So cute.

There is so much foliage on the carrots that I just stuck the camera down through the greenery to take this picture. When I loaded the pictures onto the computer to take a closer look, I had to laugh out loud at this one. It looks like the carrots are huge, but I don't think they are. But I'm not positive. Maybe it's time to pick some of those, too. It's been a while.

And the arugula and radishes were great while they lasted. The spinach bolted before I got around to picking any. The butternut squash either never sprouted, or the birds got them.

As I said, don't hold Angie responsible for my lackadaisical attitude.


  1. LOL!! It happens. My garden isn't in a somewhat neglected state this year too. (And it is all my fault!!:) Oh, and pick those tomatoes and carrots!!! ;)

  2. looks like a bounty to me!


Thank you!