Sunday, August 3, 2008

Anatomy of a Kitchen

Smallbone pine cabinets from a 19x25 foot space.

My good friend Ginny (she spells her name funny but I try not to hold that against her)
and I went to an auction of things removed from a house that was being remodeled.
It was a very big house.

Two of the many bathroom vanities for auction.
Or you could buy a built-in ironing board.

Everything had been removed professionally and was waiting in a warehouse in the city for people to come bid.

There were ten bathrooms.

Part of the wine racks from the wine cellar.

Because we are planning a new home, and because I am trying to be green about it, buying salvaged materials is a good plan.

The dynamo in the dress is the owner of the business that orchestrates the auctions.

The really nice thing about today's auction is all the removal work was done already. Most of the auctions this woman holds are at houses about to be torn down, and if you win the bid, you break out your tools and start deconstructing to get your stuff out.

Granite island counter top, 51x91 inches

My friend did a lot of salvaging some years ago to do some major remodeling of her home. She got all her doors, all her kitchen cabinets (from multiple tear-downs, which luckily matched), and most of her baseboards. Because she is the expert, I call on her to advise me.

Undercounter sinks

Today, I bought (won) two Kohler undercounter sinks ($25 each) for the bathrooms and enough black granite for 30 inches on each side of the range in the new kitchen ($75). The kitchen designer, who I consulted before the auction, suggested this plan, and said I could use another color/material for the rest of the countertops in the kitchen. Evidently the trend is to use different surfaces and even different cabinets in the kitchen.

P.S. We had a great time last night, but I completely forgot to take any pictures.

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