Saturday, August 30, 2008


An email from my New Orleans brother,
a veteran of past hurricane evacuations,
"Where y'all are?"

We doan no yet, cher. Dat ol hurry-cane
aint made up her mind, no.
We been gettin to thinkin on it, yea,
but it aint yet sure what we be doin,
no. When we gonna no, we be da firs ta
tell ya, okay?

Translation: the storm has a lot of
uncertainty still. We have ideas and
plans in place if and when we need
to execute.

We've got 3 boats, lots of bait, plenty
fishing rods, a generator, lotsa
frozen fish to fry on propane fryer.
It could be like staying at the
fishing camp, right?
Hey Meg, we got any tater tots and ketchup
to go with the fried trout?

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  1. I will keep them in my thoughts and hope that Gustav does not remain a threat.


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