Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quincy's sick

Our dear little Quincy isn’t feeling well.

This isn’t the first time. He had a very rough summer, health-wise.

The last time he stopped eating, in August,
I had to encourage him.
With syringes of baby food.
And then syringes of a prescription dog food
that looks a bit like pate.
(To say nothing of trips to the vet, and many tests,
and much medicine.)

After a while, I figured out that if I put a spoon of food
in front of his nose,
eventually he would lick it.

So I changed my tactics to the spoon method,
as it was really hard to get the syringes filled.

But, oh, it was messy! Quincy would end up with nearly as much of the pasty dog food on his fur as I got down his throat. And it was very sticky. And hard to clean off of him.
So then I figured that if I put a cloth napkin around his neck,
it would keep a lot of the food off his fur.

And if I put an apron on,
it would keep a lot of the food off my clothes.

So today we’re back to the coercion method of nourishment. The good news is that the vet called this morning and said that Quincy’s blood test results look good, so we’re hoping the shot of medicine he got at the vet yesterday, plus some TLC/force feeding will get him back on track.


  1. Hmmm...I'm thinking that Quincy has worked out a way to get lots of cuddles and attention. Or is that just what my dog does?

    I hope Quincy feels better in time to have a small scrape on Christmas Day.

  2. I hope you can get Quincy back on track soon. He's adorable, by the way! :)


Thank you!