Sunday, December 30, 2007

This is your brain on dominoes

My husband and I have never been much into games. One year he gave me Scrabble for Christmas because he thought we needed to do more things together. We played it once.

But - we now know that games like Scrabble and dominoes are good brain exercise. So dominoes is our game of choice, and there is a lot of trash talk during the play. We laugh a lot, which is also good for our health, over the various accusations ("false play," "taking advantage of a guy with memory problems," etc.). And for a guy with memory problems, my husband does pretty well. Occasionally, he gets very lucky (it's luck, I tell you, not my lousy playing!) and I have to keep picking dominoes from the bone yard to find something playable. This game I felt obligated to document: he ended up winning by 81 points. Eighty. One. This is not a normal score. Mostly it's one or two dominoes' worth of points. Who is being taken advantage of here?


  1. Fun, but it would be hard for me to lose by that much. Good for you husband. Makes me think of the games my husband used to play with my son ..tick tac toe, concentration ...and this was a blind man playing against an eight or nine year old. My husband was pretty stiff competition for a blind guy.

  2. Hmmm...81 points...I bet you weren't laughing too much at the end! I love the clacking sound that dominoes make.

  3. Apparently crossword puzzles are really good for brain exercises too, if his memory is up to them.



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