Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Chri -- What?

We received a Christmas card the other day
from a couple in a support group we recently joined.

Nice picture on the card.
Look - Cute little snowmen and angel and snowflake decorations
fell out of the envelope.

But what's this small red card?

Oh, my. Does it say "Death"?

Yes, it does.
And more.
It says,
"The wages of sin is Death"

On the other side of the card is a lot of fine print, beginning with
"The penalty for sin is separation from God forever in hell.
Go through just five commandments to see if you're a sinner*."

This definitely takes the prize for
Oddest Juxtaposition of Concepts
in a Single Christmas Card.

Cheery cardinal,
snowy winter scene with peaceful village,
happy snowmen,
threats of eternal damnation...

Now that I take another look at the snowmen,
are those muskets they're holding?

*Doesn't this sound like a Publisher's Clearing House flyer?
"Check these five numbers to see if you're a winner!"


  1. Stay away from the scary people!!

  2. That death card wins a prize.
    I'm not sure WHAT prize - but a prize of some kind.


Thank you!