Friday, May 11, 2012


My friend and neighbor J hailed me as Oscar and I walked past her house.

"When you're done with your walk and have returned Oscar home, come meet our new cat."

This is Bitty, a seven year old Siberian, which is one of the few (only?) breeds of cat that people with cat allergies have a chance of tolerating.  She is soft and cuddly and loves to be petted.  J is in heaven, because she wanted a cat but has allergies to most cats and dogs.

Next stop, after cat admiration, was my friend's garden.  Some of the kale overwintered (I didn't know it could do that) and has gone to flower.  The flowers are delicious - like very mild kale or broccoli.  J also invited me to cut arugula, leaf lettuce, and spinach to take home.  And she pulled some bunching onions, which overrun her garden, and handed them to me.

It all made a delicious salad.


  1. The salad looks great.

    I'd never heard of that breed of cat - I love cats but like your neighbour am allergic to them. Thanks for the info!

  2. But that cat's fluffier than a Burmese ! Very sweet .
    And I'm now suffering salad envy .

  3. What a beautiful cat! And your salad looks good! Love the flowers in it. (We confess to having a secret love for arugula:))


Thank you!