Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little gems

 Wintered-over geranium 
German ivy

 Pink columbine
Lily of the valley
They are fragrant only at night
but are worth the wait.
Lily of the valley

For my niece, whose birthday is today
and who is, herself, one of our gems.
Happy, happy birthday, K! 

Updated to add this picture
taken with Raggedy Ann
(made for her by Aunt Ginnie).
She's even cuter now.


  1. I love that shadow picture! I've never seen pink columbines - they're lovely. Our lily of the valley is not quite here, although I saw just a few blossoms in a sheltered corner, last week.

  2. The Goatmother is so jealous of your Hoya! It is beautiful! You are quite a good photographer and we LOVE the picture with Raggedy Ann. And thank you for visiting and supporting the Goatmother.


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