Monday, May 28, 2012

Opening weekend

Memorial Day weekend at my parents' cottage:

After a rainy Saturday morning, my dad hangs the bird feeders (on the squirrel-proof line).

The pier was power washed by my brother on Friday,
and now my niece power washes the flagstone wall. 

What a difference.  

Rocking chairs dry in the sun 
after my sister-in-law gives them a good cleaning.

Garden beds weeded by my mom and multiple others.  

Native plants are nibbled by rabbits and deer... a new but unobtrusive barrier is erected.  
Fingers crossed it works.  
If not, hardware cloth is next.

A perfect bird's nest on the ground.  
Fallen from where, we wonder?

 And in between chores, lots of catching up, laughter, games of euchre, and great meals.

There was pier painting, too, but my brother took those pics.  
I'll share them later if I get them from him.

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