Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lilac groupies

Like everything else in the garden, the lilacs have bloomed early this year. And for the first time ever, I saw butterflies lighting on them this afternoon. Lots and lots of butterflies. I didn't have my camera, and when I went back this evening to see if they were still there, the light was dim. And it was windy. So the lilacs look dramatic, but it was hard to capture the butterflies.

See it? In the middle, at the bottom of a bloom, with red markings.

I think, from using this butterfly identification page, that the butterflies are Vanessa atalanta, aka Red Admiral. They are very busy!

If I can get a better picture tomorrow, I'll share it.


  1. I feel like a lilac groupie myself. I'm so glad the weather has cooled a bit (although it's warm and thundery this weekend) so the lilacs will last longer.

  2. I just love lilacs...the scent and the sight...beautiful flowers ! Like to see the butterflies too. Enjoy! Joan

  3. Hi Ginnie. i would like to be a follower and be alongside you in your journey but can't see any way of contacting you apart from this...hence this extra comment. If you look at Good Friday on my will see I understand a littel! Hugs. joan

  4. I LOVE lilacs and they will not bloom here!

  5. Windswept lilac .... how beautiful !


Thank you!