Friday, November 11, 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

PlanetPenny has launched a weekly "Reasons to be Cheerful" theme now that the time change darkens our days earlier. I think counting blessings is an excellent idea, so here are three for me:

The ever-present thankfulness for my health and family, including this sweet guy, our Oscar. He came to live with us 2 years ago when he was five years old, and he is a source of joy. Just looking at him makes us smile. Here he is waiting for us at the back door, being careful, of course, not to get too close to the edge. He's afraid of stairs.

The gorgeous autumn colors that continue to delight. This year it feels like the color show has gone on so much longer than other years. Or maybe I'm just appreciating it more. This tree is next to the railroad tracks in our village, and while I waited for a train to pass, I had time to admire the colors and composition. It looks like a wonderful example of pointillism.

That I remembered to order, in time to pack and ship before Sinterklaas, chocoladeletters for my family. The box arrived yesterday.

If you visit PlanetPenny, you'll see links to other people's Reasons to be Cheerful. Just in case you need a lift.

Edited to add: I forgot to say that I learned of PlanetPenny through Mrs. Micawber, who has some beautiful pictures on her site. And fresh snow!


  1. Just getting ready to post my own Reasons! I find I'm appreciating the autumn colours more this year too (or I was until they got snowed and blowed away). Maybe because I've been posting pictures and sharing the beauty with others.

    Thanks for sharing yours. I like the idea of a chocolate letter (at least that's what it sounds like it means) and will have to look into it. Maybe you could do a post and enlighten us. Chocolate definitely helps make winter better.

  2. Sue - I meant to say (which I've now added) that I found PlanetPenny through you! And yes, a chocolate letter post is a very good idea. I'll work on that.

  3. Hello Ginnie! Thanks for joining in. What a handsome boy your Oscar is, shame he can't come here and teach my Higgins about being careful on stairs! I love your cheerful reasons, especially chocolate ones! Penny x


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