Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lunch with old friends

They're not really old friends.
But they feel like old friends.
They are two graduate students in Occupational Therapy
who worked with G at our house over a six month period,
from October last year to early April
when he became ill and was hospitalized.

We hadn't seen them since then but have stayed in touch,
so I invited them to come for lunch today,
after they finished the last of their graduate work
and before they start their new jobs.

It was great to get caught up
and celebrate the next chapter of their lives.

Their future patients will be in very good hands.


  1. How good it is that you have been able to keep in touch with each other.
    Hoping your week is wonderful.

  2. Occupational Therapy is such a fascinating field, requiring creativity and dedication in equal proportion. Good luck to them in their careers. How nice to be able to see them again.

  3. Your keeping in touch with these former students says a lot about how deeply you connect with people. That's such a good thing!


Thank you!