Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's that smell...

I love meadow rue, especially its foliage.

with mountain bluet in foreground

Kind of like columbine...

or maidenhair fern.

The flowers are pretty - fluffy and pink,
but until a few days ago, I had never tried them as a cut flower.

Not a good idea.

They have a faint but odd smell, kind of like an onion going bad,
which I didn't notice until I had brought them into the house
with the other flowers I had cut.
It took a few minutes to figure out where the aroma was coming from,
but once I realized it was the meadow rue flowers,
I cut them off the foliage and tossed them into the kitchen scraps bucket,
which lives in the cabinet under the sink
before making its way out to the compost pile once it's full.

Within a day I had to empty the bucket,
because even with the cupboard door closed,
I was getting whiffs of the odor.

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