Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm reading Coop by Michael Perry and loving it.

I heard him interviewed on the radio a few weeks ago while I was driving somewhere. The interviewer asked him to read the first paragraph of the book's prologue, and I was hooked.

I hurriedly scribbled his name and the book title on a piece of paper as I drove, then promptly forgot about it until I walked past our local bookshop last weekend and saw the book displayed in the window.

When I look closely at the picture of the author, he's not what I expected. By his voice, he should be older, taller, and have more hair. (Maybe I should suggest that to him.)

This man can write. Funny, thoughtful, poignant.

And hard to put down. But I'm trying to be disciplined about it and not stay up all night with it.

The other good thing? He's written other books. More Michael Perry in my future.

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  1. Gin,
    Did he write Population 452 (Or something like that)? If he did he is a Wisconsinite! I'll have to put it on my book list. Thanks, Amy


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