Thursday, February 4, 2016


We lost our sweet dog Oscar yesterday, and I can still hardly believe it.  He had had some medical issues over the last several months, but I thought everything was under control, and he would have a full recovery.

With Gerrit the day we brought Oscar home in July of 2009: a timid, chubby 5 year old with a short haircut
who wouldn't leave Gerrit's side.

But - blood clots formed and impacted his spine and brain.  The prospects were very grim for his recovery - and if he recovered, he would likely not walk, and the amount of neurological damage was unknown.  Would it be kind to put him through all that?

The people at the vet clinic were so kind and compassionate. I could spend as much time as I needed with him, lying next to him on a blanket on the floor. He was well medicated for pain, but still knew me and made his usual murmuring noises with each breath as he always did when I stroked his face and tummy and told him stories about his time with us.

I'm consoled that he didn't suffer for very long, and that he is reunited with Gerrit.  Gerrit is the reason for Oscar (and his predecessor Quincy) coming to live with us, and I'm so thankful for all the joy and laughter Oscar brought into our lives.  He was good medicine for us all, especially Gerrit, who loved dogs, all dogs.

Oscar was very timid when he first came to live with us but soon gained confidence (and lost pounds) and would bark at anything loud: passing school buses, motorcycles, thunder, fireworks.  He was afraid of stairs - two years of me trying to teach him to use stairs resulted in my finally giving up. If I wanted him to sleep upstairs with us, I'd have to carry him, which I gladly did.

Farewell, sweet Oscar.


  1. Goodbye, Oscar. I am sorry we never met; I should have liked to pet you and tell you how handsome and gentle you always looked in your guest appearances on your human's blog.

    Ginnie - I'm so very sorry to hear about Oscar. He was a faithful friend and family member to you both. Sending you a virtual hug. :|

  2. So much of the family got to enjoy Oscar. He will be missed. I can still see him take his toy duck or squirrel in his mouth and give it a couple of shakes.


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