Friday, February 19, 2016

Blustery day

Howling winds today.

Out for a walk (and missing Oscar).

Downed branches.

 A partially downed tree - lucky it missed that house. 

I posted the picture below on FB when I got back from my walk

and a friend commented,

"And look at all the Phragmites seeds getting disbursed. Oh Ginnie!"

What?? What's a Phragmite?

I had to look it up. Might be invasive.

I see this tall, shaggy-headed grass a lot along low spots on highways.

I assumed it was something native and helpful.

This particular patch is along an old rail line 

that was turned into a trail years ago.

Because we had record-breaking warm temperatures this morning,

I cleared some leaves to check on my little patch

Could it be??

It's just the one.  But it's early yet.

I've covered them with leaves again.

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