Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunny days

Saturday I got together for lunch
with friends I made during a research project
for people with early stage memory loss and their caregivers,
and it was so good to see them.
The drive to the city was beautiful.

A tour group on Segways about to cross Jackson on Lake Shore Drive.

And since I got the camera out to take the tour group's picture,
I thought,
"I'll take a few more to show you."

A blurry shot of Navy Pier.
(It's hard to drive, watch the road, and take a picture.

Wait 'til you see Oak Street beach.)

Oak Street beach. (I know, right?)

Out on the horizon, one of the water cribs.

The friend hosting the lunch has a condo with beautiful views.

The north view from her living room.

Looking east

And that?

Is a flying trapeze school.

Then back to suburbia to our parish Pumpkinfest,
to help man (woman) the bake sale table for an hour.

Pumpkins are for sale on the church lawn through the end of October
to raise money for PADS.

Then home to a house with sparkling clean windows.

Because Friday my wonderful mom came for a few hours
to help me wash windows.
Isn't she nice?

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