Friday, October 7, 2011

Autumn walk

We've been having the most glorious, warm, sunny weather this week.
Such a relief after the extended gray and rainy stretch.

When the caregiver arrived at 5,
I asked Oscar if he wanted to go for a walk
and we headed out, leash in one hand, camera in the other,
cellphone in the fanny pack.

80 degrees calls for bare legs and sandals,
which seem incongruous with fallen oak leaves.

The trees that line our street are just beginning their march to gold.

Sedums have lost their summer hot pink and are shifting to claret.

Hydrangeas hedge their bets and show multiple hues in each bloom.

Common geraniums glow in the late afternoon sun.

Asters are airily amethyst.

Kids and dads play baseball in the park.

Oh! A call from my sister.
Can't talk and take pictures at the same time,
so I'll leave you with this,
which was simmering on the stove while we walked and talked:

Chicken soup for supper.


  1. Beautiful photos, yummy looking soup/stock. I have been reducing down frozen chicken carcasses this week too! I need to finish them up tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for the lovely email. I will check out the book that you mentioned.
    It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Have a wonderful "apple time".
    Sending love, e.

  2. Isn't the weather amazing? Love your pictures. It looks like you had a grat walk.


Thank you!