Monday, June 20, 2011

An easy choice

Saturday morning we took a caregiver and drove to my parents’ cottage in Wisconsin for the weekend, as a test for future weekends of how G would fare during the trip and at the cottage, and how I liked having the caregiver en route with us.

Pretty good, overall, though when we got home, G said we couldn’t go again – too hard on him. We’ll see – he seemed to enjoy himself most of the time.

The best for me, though, was being with family, and especially getting to be with my dad on Father’s Day. I’m so fortunate that I have healthy, active parents, and I count them among my most precious blessings.

So the list of Three Good Things was easy yesterday. Very easy.

My dad returning to a surprise homecoming celebration at Midway Airport
from the Honor Flight, October 2009

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