Sunday, November 9, 2008


Say "AH-pull-moose." That's Dutch for applesauce.

Ida Reds

G loves applesauce. Every September since we've been married, I've made applesauce from Cortland apples from an orchard near my parents' summer cottage. Because we weren't going to be in the area at the right time this year, I tried an Illinois orchard. The first trip, in October, I bought the last bushel of Cortlands they had. The owner warned me that it was the end of the season for that variety and they were probably best pressed into cider, but I really wanted Cortlands, because, not only do they have great flavor, but they also make a beautiful pink sauce. I should have listened - the sauce is good, but the bright color isn't there. Note for next year - visit the orchard in mid-September.

On the road to the orchard.

Last year for the first time I canned the applesauce - in previous years I had frozen it. But I knew last year I wouldn't have enough freezer space, so I found out the process needed to can it, and put out a request on our local Freecycle for quart canning jars.

Apple boxes stacked near the barn.

Last weekend I bought another bushel of apples, this time Ida Red. Excellent flavor, but still not the pretty pink of the Cortland sauce. But I'm not complaining. I think I'll go back today, the last day of the season, and get one more bushel of autumn deliciousness.

Wash apples.

Remove stem and flower end; cut into chunks, and
place in heavy saucepan with a tablespoon or two of water.
Cover and cook over low heat.

When the apples are soft, spoon them into a food mill.
(or into a borrowed 1930's Kitchen Aid with food mill attachment.)

Puree the apples through the mill.

Put a container under the mill to catch the sauce
before you turn on the machine.

Don't ask me how I know this.

Transfer the applesauce to a slow cooker to keep at 212F before filling canning jars.

Process in boiling water bath (also borrowed.)



  1. Mmmmmm, applesauce is BIG here. In fact, I'm almost out!!!

  2. One way to get the "pink" back into your sauce is to add a few Red Hot candies to the apples while cooking. They add a lovely color plus a slight tangy taste to the sauce.


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