Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine

Ours was a long distance courtship.
We lived in different countries.

He wrote from wherever he was traveling.

Our phone bills were astronomical.

We wrote to each other a lot.

I looked forward to seeing her smiling face in my mailbox.

Included in the letters was G’s first attempt at a Valentine.
He was on a business trip to Portugal.

“No Valentines to be found anywhere over here,” he wrote.

“Personally I have no experience
with this piece of American culture.”

“I don’t know whether such cards should be
funny or romantic or what?”

“I hope that you will forgive me sending you
most probably
the most misplaced Valentine card ever,
but remember it comes straight from my heart.”

How could I resist?


  1. lovely.

  2. Ginnie,
    What a happy and precious memory to share.

  3. There is something about real proper paper love letters. We spent the year before we were married on different sides of the world and I loved those letters.

    Thank you for sharing something precious.

  4. Oh Ginnie, this is so sweet. And what beautiful penmanship he had.

  5. It's a perfect Valentine and one to treasure always. What a special man he was.


Thank you!