Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Control, or lack thereof

Life has felt a bit out of control lately.

G has not been feeling well, so has not been willing to do the things
that will help him get better or keep him from getting worse.
(Just a little bit of brain exercise, a little physical exercise.
Please? Please?)

Our Quincy has not been feeling well, either,
which means coaxing him to eat,
giving him extra medicine,
helping him get down the stairs to the back yard.
(Come on, Poochy-Boy, eat some of this - so delicious!)

My friend Pat is home from the hospital, and is doing OK,
to everyone's surprise and delight.
(And thank you all for your prayers.)
Her time is very limited, but she is still with us.
I organized our caregiver group to meet at her home
instead of our usual place last night,
but we got snowed out and had to reschedule.
Finding a new time and getting people to respond
with their schedules was,
as one said, like herding cats.
Many emails and phone calls later,
we have set Wednesday night to go see her.

I realized as I was shoveling snow (yet again) today,
that there was no small measure of comfort in it,
as it gave me the illusion of control.
Here is the snow, I have a snow shovel,
and I have the time and energy
to clear the driveway and sidewalks.
There was a predictable outcome.
Blessed relief.


  1. Ginnie - you called by my blog and I followed you back here. I am so glad to have found you.

    And your photos are gorgeous - I have been looking at them in your older posts.

    I hope things are on the improve.

  2. There is comfort to be found in the mindless and mundane physical talk. I hope you find calm times soon.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Being outside helps me ... plus the excersize. This is a rough time of year...very long. Sunsets and sunrises cheer me up too.

  4. Dear Ginnie,
    I am so sorry that life is a struggle for you at the moment. Sometimes all the challenges come at once.
    Sending you love

    p.s. lovely photos - that camera is working overtime!

  5. So sorry to hear your dealing with so much you have no control over right now. I hate it when life is like that. I hope you get some reprive soon (even if it means I've just wishes a bunch of mundane physical work on you!, and I hope those around you mend quickly. xoxo

  6. Sometimes straightforward, mindless, physical work is a wonderful tonic. I hope things become easier soon.


Thank you!