Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Advent Antiphon Radio

On this not-so-cold December night,
I'm working on church-related stuff on the computer 
(scheduling the volunteers who read the lessons, 
acolyte, chalice, etc. for after the first of the year) 
and listening to Pandora.  

The Pandora station is called Advent Antiphon Radio.  
Many of the selections are familiar: beautiful hymns and anthems 
I've sung with choirs over the years.  

Some are unfamiliar and still beautiful.

They just played this, and it was especially lovely.
I had to click away from what I was doing 
to look at the Pandora tab and find out what it was:

Stella Natalis: Sleep Child Of Winter
The Adiemus Singers/Tenebrae/Karl Jenkins/Alison Balsom

Want to listen?

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  1. Thank you! It's always so nice to find good Christmas music. Hope you are having a pleasant December. :)


Thank you!