Saturday, March 28, 2015

Got snow?

Here's how they get rid of piles of snow
on Daley Plaza.

Under the watchful eyes
of the Picasso,

the snow is scooped...

and dropped into the handy bin...

 ...where it is melted under the supervision of city employees.
The water is sent into the storm sewer system.


  1. I cannot imagine that much snow. We did have some last winter and I nearly slid off of our bridge. It was very frightening to say the least.
    Wishing you a lovely spring, truly.

  2. Dear Ginnie..I don't know if you will get this small message. I hope so as it comes from the heart. I hope you are well and at peace. I think of you often..of the love you and your husband shared, how wonderful it was and then how awfully hard to lose him. My hope is that you receive this and know that I do think of you.
    No reply necessary at all. With my best wishes that life is good for you, Ellen.

  3. Thank you, Ginnie. I don't know how to contact you other that through your blog. I am glad you got my note.
    Be well.
    Love, Ellen.


Thank you!