Monday, February 16, 2015

Forcing spring

Magnolia salicifolia
Anise Magnolia

I've forced forsythia branches.

I've even dug up lily of the valley pips during a January thaw

But magnolia was an unknown.

While the snow continues to pile up,
warmth and water and several weeks of patience...

...reveal the unfurling of petals
of a cut branch of magnolia.


  1. Such a wonderful idea, Ginnie! I must clip some little branches from my Magnolia tree, too. We definitely need a little Springtime color here! Warm hugs! ♡

  2. Oh, it's lovely. But I thought you called it "encouraging" and not "forcing"? :)

    I was thinking about you the other day. I hope that you and your parents are doing well.

    1. Yes, yes, Mrs. M! I did mean encouraging! Did I say forcing? Must be the jaw-clenching cold that makes it hard to say "encouraging." Yes, that's it. :)


Thank you!