Saturday, August 2, 2014

Closing days

 It's almost time to go back to reality - 
vacation is nearly over.
Not that this isn't reality, too.

Just a more beautiful, relaxed form of it.

Oscar and I sat on the pier
watching a small plane soar overhead...

And swallows darting and swooping
over the water.

The occasional speedboat would set Oscar barking.
(He barks at noisy machines.)

I missed taking a picture of him:
at the edge of the pier, legs braced,
barking until the speedboat faded from view.

I decided I'd get a picture of the next encounter.

But when the next boat went by, there was no barking.

Camera ready, I looked around.
Oscar, where are you?

He'd had enough of the pier.
He's afraid of stairs, so could only go so far
and was waiting patiently for me to carry him up to shore.

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