Friday, July 25, 2014

Change is in the air

Lots of changes at the moment:
I quit my part time job at the for-profit firm last month 
after several months of realizing it was not a good fit for me,
and now I feel like there is a big weight off my shoulders.

At the non-profit where I work part time, 
we've welcomed a new executive director
and said farewell to our interim: 
we loved our interim, but she was just that - 
came the rescue until the permanent replacement arrived,
and she was fabulous.
It's a new dynamic now, and still a very good one, 
and our interim made it an easy transition for the staff.

This will soon be my former home.
Yesterday the movers came and took away the furniture,
and tonight, after days of help
from family and friends to wrap and pack boxes,
I finished cleaning the empty house,
locked the door for the last time,
and said a prayer of thanksgiving
for the home this house was to me for more than 27 years.

Now on to the next chapter...


  1. You made the house beautiful. I have many wonderful memories from this address.

  2. Thanks, Car! And as I drove away, a few miles north there were suddenly fireworks bursting in the night sky. On a Friday night - not 4th of July! It felt like a sign.

  3. Yes! A celebration of what is to come.

  4. Hi Ginnie,
    So many big, exciting changes...
    Look back with love and so many tender memories.
    Look ahead to exciting new adventures, and new dreams to follow!
    Congratulations and much happiness, Ginnie!


Thank you!