Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter dinner

This year I hosted the family Easter dinner - something I've not done before, because there are always others who are glad to host, and because with my choir schedule during Holy Week (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday night's Easter Vigil, and two services Sunday morning) I have always thought it was more than I wanted to take on.

Plus, my contribution to holiday family parties for most of my married years was our annual Sinterklaas (Dutch St. Nicholas) party in early December.  2009 was the last time I was able to manage that, so I decided this year I wanted to host Easter dinner.

Happily, everyone could come and, as well, everyone offered to bring something.  Which makes it so easy, and so much fun.

Thanks to my Illinois-based family - I loved having you here.


  1. So glad you had a pleasant Easter dinner. And a music-filled Easter as well.

    What a lovely rose. (It almost looks like a peony.)

    1. It's actually a ranunculous - I bought a bunch at Trader Joe's and varying shades of pink. I love the form of them.

    2. IN varying shades of pink. Not and varying shades of pink.

  2. Dear Ginnie,
    So late here, but it sounds as if you did have a wonderful Easter dinner. Family and music..all so good. I do know there was a "hole" there. Hope that time is gently holding you.
    Thanks as always for the visit. You are valued.


Thank you!