Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yes, we have no bananas

When I went to the local market to buy prebagged, 
overripe, discounted bananas
(which I cut into chunks and freeze
for later addition to my morning oatmeal), 
I also saw another display with unbagged bananas.

And this sign:

You'd think these would be the ones discounted, wouldn't you?

Disclaimer: Since I don't speak or write another language, 
I have enormous admiration for all who make their best attempt at my language.  
I'm very grateful to those who make the effort that I have not.
So no disrespect intended.


  1. That is too funny! Guess you'd be getting protein too. Maybe that is why they cost more. :)

  2. If you pronounce it as though it were French, it sounds almost like a rather fancy and trendy dish at some avant-garde restaurant. :)

  3. How about Bananas Louise .... with cream , chocolate sauce and toasted almonds ?

    1. Is there such a thing? If not, there should be. I'd definitely pay extra for that.


Thank you!