Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friendship therapy

Since Gerrit's daughters departed for the Netherlands, I've been:
   at a neighbor's for a picnic lunch,
   to the movies,
   out for ice cream,
   at a friend's for an envelope-stuffing party in preparation for our choir director's 25 anniversary celebration,
   to the cottage with my friend C to spend the weekend with my parents.

And now, this week, I have house guests:  my friend (and neighbor) and her husband and cat moved in Monday morning to spend the week while the floors in their 1920s home are being sanded and refinished. They had planned to move to a hotel for the duration, but I convinced them that I had plenty of room and they were welcome to stay.  They agreed only if I promised to let them know if I suddenly felt the need for "space" and as long as I let them take me out for dinner each night, since that was one of the perks my friend was looking forward to while staying in a hotel.

It's working out well, and it turns out to be good therapy for me, having them here.  It's distraction, in a good way, and is helping me adjust to life without Gerrit.


  1. And I would say that friendship extends to the fuzzy guy at the top there. What would we do without are beloved pets. I am glad you are finding some nice distractions. Big hugs to you!!!!!

  2. Out for dinner every night ... that is a treat! I am glad you're getting so many chances to engage in friendship therapy.

    What a sweet picture of Oscar.

    More hugs to you. You are in my prayers. :)

  3. Dear Ginnie,
    Such good people and that loving dog.
    I am always thinking of you and sending prayers.
    I may well be distant in the next few weeks, but please know that you are always in my heart.
    With love, Ellen.


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