Friday, April 3, 2009


The twirling around in circles is a newish behavior.

Not sure what it means.
Maybe Quincy just thinks better when he's whirling.

Whatever the reason, G and I find it very entertaining.

(And it's all about us, isn't it?)

(The fence is newish, too, as Quincy can't see very well. Starting last fall he would sometimes trot into the neighbor's yard thinking he was on his way to our back door. It happened a couple of times after dark last November, so I was just ready to have our handyman put up some floodlights in the back, when Quincy wandered away in broad daylight. I caught him on the other side of the neighbor's house, just about to hit the sidewalk. And to where from there? He would never have found his way back to our house. At that moment, the prospect of having to go outside with him in the dark and the snow to prevent him wandering away didn't really appeal to me, so I found some inexpensive and easy to install (push into the ground) fencing and installed it before the ground froze. I created a smaller footprint for him to use so that I can keep him in view and he can't disappear behind the garage as he used to be able to do. I added the white netting (festive, don't you think?) to make the fence more visible to Quincy, but he can't really see that, either, so sometimes he just bumps into the fence. He doesn't seem to have sustained any injuries. Or, could the twirling and whirling be because he's knocked himself silly? Ack.)

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  1. Ah, but isn't he a herding dog? They all love to run in circles, whether or not they have anything to herd. Our Sheltie used to herd the night hawks that flew over the playground nearby. It became a nightly ritual in summer/fall for both dog and birds to play circle games around the large school yard! They really are fun to watch, aren't they? Not to mention lovable, protective, loyal, etc.


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