Friday, September 19, 2008

Floored again

This is where I started.

Quincy supervising.
I think he was barking orders. Or yawning.

G got into the act pulling nails.
We used to do a lot of home improvement projects together,
so to have him participate for a few hours
on two different days
was wonderful.

And I have to tell you about the gloves he has on.
I bought them at a craft fair in Melbourne
during a business trip to Australia years ago.
The gloves really delight me,
because they are gardening gloves
with Christmas trees on them.
Which makes no sense if you live in Illinois,
but makes perfect sense if you live in Australia.
Mostly I save them to use each year when we get our Christmas tree.

We are making progress!
The neat stacks at the back of the garage have been denailed
and now have to be sorted by size.
Soon I'll have enough room
to clear the boards out of my friend Ginny's garage
and let her have her parking spot back.

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  1. Hey, what a good job! I have glove-envy, by the way!


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