Monday, July 28, 2008


A bouquet from my garden.

Many apologies for my long silence. I seem to have only so much space in my brain, and the part that was reading blogs and writing this one has gotten sidetracked. The happy news is we are planning a new home and have been working with an architect who specializes in green design.

Because G is having more and more difficulty with mobility, I had been thinking for some time that we will need to do something to accommodate him. This house isn't well suited to be retrofitted, so something else needs to happen. Hence, the plan for a new home.

I'm also working on getting our house ready to sell. That and keeping up with the usual stuff of life and the flower and vegetable gardens have consumed my attention.

Hope to be able to fit this back in - I've missed reading about you all and sharing what's been going on.


  1. yay, you're back!! i can't wait to hear about all of this exciting news in more detail. i've missed reading about your days.
    love, jen

  2. Glad to hear from you again. It is so important to remember that blogs are about life and not vice versa!

    Looking forward to hearing about your exciting new house project.

  3. glad you are ok, I was wondering where you'd got to....
    the house plans sound exciting, and your flowers are lovely.

  4. OMG! I was so shocked to see a comment from you at my blog! So glad you're back! :)


Thank you!